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Zophian plants is the the nursery of Toby Shuall, an ex Londoner, who in November 2020 left London and moved to east sussex with 4 van loads of plants to begin his long time desire to start a nursery. He had begun propagating in London in his garden in Peckham and outside his previous carpentry workshop in Bermondsey. Living in London and observing the drought tolerance of certain plants left to fend for themselves in neglected parks became a huge inspiration to to the types of plants Toby began to propagate. Very inspired by the work of James Hitchmough, and Peter Korns work in Sweden, Zophian is building a unique collection of adaptable perennials that can cope with changing conditions, especially drought.  Inspired by the right plant in the right place ethos and finding species that are long flowering and low maintenance. Particularly interested in Plants from the eastern Mediterranean (turkey and Greece) and a particular obsession with shrub Phlomis. Nearly all of the plants propagated are species (not cultivars). Toby has planted over 80 square meters of sand beds in the nursery, continuing to explore his passion to trial plants and experiment with what is possible in our changeable climate. Growing all stock in peat free and sand based mediums, exploring environmentally low impact ways of propagating and growing plants.

Nursery open Thursday-Saturdays from 8th April to 30th September, Please email for an appointment or a plant list.

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Little Park,
Hooe Road,
East Sussex,
TN33 9EH

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Borde Hill Garden, Haywards Heath

Borde Hill Garden, Haywards Heath

Spring Plant Fair
Sunday 12th May | 10:00am - 3:00pm

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Plant Fairs Roadshow
1 Beechbridge Cottages
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