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Redmayne Perennials is a small nursery in St Albans, established in 2022 and specialising in a range of reliable and more unusual herbaceous and woody perennials, with an emphasis on plants which are drought tolerant and good for pollinators. We have a particular interest in Phlomis and have a fledgling collection of some 35 different species and cultivars, which we hope in due course will be accredited by Plant Heritage as a National Collection and have established with the support of the previous collection holder. We feel that in these days of climate change Phlomis is very much a plant for our times and are keen to promote this tough, and attractive genus which has so much to offer.

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16 Langley Crescent
St Albans

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Victoria Mummery
Plant Fairs Roadshow
1 Beechbridge Cottages
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